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Insurance for Freelance Editors: Everything You Need to Know

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Have you ever wondered what types of insurance you should have as a freelancer? Besides basic insurances like life, health and auto, there are several types of insurance for small businesses and professional services that you might want to consider. These kinds of policies protect you from issues like client negligence.

Home-based business insurance

Planning to work from home? Then you might want to check this one from the list. Home-based business insurance is usually an extension of your home insurance policy. This type of insurance covers your office equipment and business inventory. Contents insurance is also important to consider, which covers accidental damage to devices specified in your policy, such as your laptop or mobile phone.

Commercial auto insurance

Planning on visiting clients or attending conferences in your own vehicle? If yes, ask your auto insurance provider to confirm that these excursions are covered under your current policy. Commercial auto insurance provides coverage not included in a personal auto insurance policy.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance protects you from claims for injury or damage resulting from your premises, operations or products. This coverage is especially important if you have clients visiting your premises, as it will protect you in the case that someone has an accident. It can also include coverage for contractual liability — liability you’ve assumed through a contract with another party.

Indemnity insurance

Also known as professional liability or errors and omissions insurance, indemnity insurance is often used by independent contractors and consultants due to the nature of their work. This type of insurance protects you from lawsuits that claim your work was not up to a specified standard. This can be either due to accidental omissions or errors. So, keep this in mind when looking into freelancing insurance.

Media insurance

In an age where social media and online reviews play a major role in business, this is worth checking out if you’re a freelancer. This is particularly important for individuals dealing with media and creative work. Media insurance protects you against any lawsuits based on defamation, copyright infringement and plagiarism.

Cyber insurance

Freelancing involves a lot of time spent in the online world. Often your private information and client and project details are stored on online drives and servers. It is important to consider the value that cyber insurance holds for you. Cyber insurance offers protection over any security breaches. Keep in mind that you still must have the appropriate security precautions in place for your business and data. These are things that insurance companies consider before providing lump-sum payments.

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