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Julie Morin

Emerge From the Shadows via the Our Languages Blog

“If only I could rewrite this text!” If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had a similar reaction, especially if your clients are looking for a “soothing” edit. You know the kind I mean: one that doesn’t involve any changes beyond sprinkling a few commas here and there…

I spent almost 10 years fixing language problems while juggling deadlines and client preferences. Secretly, I longed for the day when I could emerge from the shadows and help my clients more. So I gave workshops and wrote articles to give them a greater sense of support, but it was impossible to put so much effort into each and every client!

This is where the Language Portal of Canada’s Our Languages blog comes in! Here at the Editors’ Weekly we get the chance to discuss tricks of the trade with peers. Now we also have an opportunity to get even more visibility with a more diverse readership, including our clients.

The Language Portal of Canada’s new blog

The Our Languages blog is intended as a resource that will bring language enthusiasts together, provide content written in plain language and offer tips on writing and editing for a variety of target audiences.

Contributing to the Portal blog is easy:

  • Fill out the guest blogger registration form to let us know you’re interested in blogging.
  • Read our editorial policy, which contains information that will help you write your blog post.
  • Write a post of up to 500 words, keeping in mind that your readers might include high school students, administrative staff or professionals in an area other than language.
  • Benefit from the help of a member of the editorial team, who will guide you through the process.

As for translating, publishing and promoting your post, the Portal will take care of all that!

Earning points for Editors Canada

Good news! Certified editors who want to earn points as part of the certification program will be able to do so by writing for the Portal blog. The criteria you need to meet will be the same as those for the Editors’ Weekly. If you’d like to adapt an already published blog post for a broader target audience, check with the Editors Canada team to find out about the possibility of earning extra points.

As for me, I’ve been working for over a year now as a communications advisor for the Portal. I’ve watched the Our Languages blog team work tirelessly to ensure the success of this large-scale project. I can’t wait to see my very first posts published, so I can share my editing tips not only with colleagues but also with students who need help drafting their first essays and with young professionals who want to shine in their new career!

Do like me: come out of the shadows and share your knowledge with all Portal users by contributing to the Our Languages blog. And why not challenge your favourite blogger to do the same?


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